SUP Yoga

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Stand up paddle board Yoga

Cost: $50 per person
Duration: 60 Minutes
Location: St Kilda, Victoria

What’s SUP Yoga? Stand Up Paddleboard Yoga brings the asana (postures), pranayama (breathing) and meditation aspects of yoga onto a paddleboard in calm waters to create a unique yoga experience.

We will paddle out just offshore (usually no more than 20 meters), and anchor down our boards so you don’t have to worry about drifting away.

From there, we will begin getting used to the board and the space of your new yoga “mat”. After some seated and kneeling postures, we will slowly work up towards sun salutations and other more challenging postures on the water.

No different to any other yoga class – modifications will be given for all levels, and opportunities given to stay where you are or maybe explore further.

Childs pose is welcome at any time to connect back to the gentle flow of the breath and the water. Finishing the yoga class in Savasana on the calm open water is the most beautiful and relaxing experience, being lulled into a deep relaxation as your body fully lets go and moves with the water.

Don’t worry if you fall off, the water will catch you and provide a refreshing reminder that when you fall, the only thing to do is get back up!

Between Saturday 21 November 2020 8:45 AM and Sunday 28 March 2021 8:45 AM


Frequently Asked Questions for your SUP hire:


Do I need to book in advance for paddle board Yoga?

No, you do not need to book your paddle board hire in advance. Nevertheless, to avoid the disappointment of finding us booked out  or if we have to closed if the weather is not suitable, we suggest that you book in advance.

Where can I keep my valuables while I am out paddle boarding?

You can securely store your valuables in the van.

What do I need to bring for my paddle board hire?

Bring yourself, a towel and your swimmers. In addition, items that we provide free of charge include: wet suits, rash shirts, life jackets, and sunscreen.

Is there any public facilities nearby?

Yes. There are public toilets, outdoor showers, and water fountains within a 5 minute walk from our SUP hire location.